About The Foundation
Although it was incorporated in 1978, The Evan Frankel Foundation became an active philanthropic entity according to Evan's wishes upon his death in 1991. This web site is dedicated to giving continued life to the Foundation and the many wonderful organizations that it funded.
Because Evan lived a significant part of his life on the East End of Long Island, many of the grantees you will see listed are located in that area. However, the Foundation Board responded to needs across the U.S.
The amount listed next to a grantee's name is the total amount funded by the Foundation whether in several grants over the course of many years or in a single payment. One page is dedicated to the Foundation's largest grantees, those receiving $100,000 or more. But we did not consider the smaller grants any less significant. Although the largest 38 grantees did receive $100,000 or more over time (totaling $14,285,296 or 83% of all grants funded), the Foundation's smaller grants (totaling $2,872,218), which were distributed among 235 grantees, often resulted in similar impact. We also encouraged the use of challenge grants to leverage our funding.
We are very pleased that many of the grantees will continue to be funded by the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation, which was created in 2007 and focuses primarily on matters of concern to East Hampton and the global environment.
Inquiries about The Evan Frankel Foundation can be made through the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation at (631) 329-0010 or asff@hamptons.com