Brooklyn Bridge complete.
Extension of LIRR to Montauk.
Jacob Schiff founded Adas Israel, synagogue in Sag Harbor

january 12
Meshulam ben Abraham Frankel born to Nettie (nee Nache) Kleinfeld and Abish Frankel Bukochevich, Galicia, Poland then part of Austro-Hungarian Empire; Orthodox Jewish family; youngest of 10-6 boys + 4 girls; father scholarly "rabbi" - went into egg business.

Abish and Nettie Frankel, 1906
New subway linking City Hall to 145th Street.

Emigrated to US via Bremerhaven, Germany - primary impetus was the draft.

IRT linked Brooklyn and New York; 40% Jewish settlement moved to Brooklyn by 1920; Jewish Tenth Ward records 1500 people/acre.

Arrived Ellis island - moved to Desbrosses Street, Lower East Side; Kleinfeld relatives already settled - Okay Ice Cream Company.

Moved to Sheriff Street (Lower East Side) synagogue on Sheriff Street - Anshe Sfarad of Bukochevich (Bukocevish's Western Sons) Abish - egg candler (detects any blood in egg to determine if fit for Jewish faith).
Meshulam went to Jewish school; moved to Fourth and Avenue D; moved to Sixth between Avenue C/D; moved to New Lots, Brooklyn
Nettie died of cancer; family moves to Ninth and Avenue C; Meshulam attends PS 188 on Houston Street
Meshulam lived with several of his brothers and sisters, moving from one home to another.
Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire.

Meshulam peddled Wrigley's chewing gum on Williamsburg Bridge; Befriended Edward Weinfeld - later NY Supreme Court Judge; cooled off in Third Street swimming tank, played in Tompkins Square Park - Nathan Straus gazebo.
Played Marc Antony in school show, memorized Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha and Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
Bar mitzvahed at age 12 in loft at Fourth Street and Avenue D - started going by name of Emmanuel often shorted to Manny - father called him "Jivan" (Polish for peasant - sounds like "Evan"?); worked delivering flowers for Carrampas, Greek florist on 2nd Ave. and St. Marks Place.

'Kid Dictionary,' Evan at age twelve
Stuyvesant High School (briefly) then DeWitt Clinton (59th and 10th) - secretary of student organization; English teach Joseph V. McKee (1932 elected Mayor); High School name Evan Manning (from Emmanuel/Manny) Frankel.
Graduated DeWitt Clinton HS; entered City College - general studies included a year of draftsmanship; joined Tau Delta Phi.
Excused from exams (WWI) and recruited to work in Hudson River Valley at one of government's model dairy farms at Highland, New York.
Transferred to NYU, Washington Square; multiple job; borrowed from Hebrew Free Loan Society, founded by Jacob Schiff.

Evan worked again at Highland, New York as supervisor - learned to ride horses.

Moved into Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at 114th St, Morningside Heights - to be in Columbia area; worked as guide at Commodore Hotel; took extension courses at Columbia.

Continued studies at Columbia in afternoon and eve. Started worked as Sales representative for Paramount Contracting Company - which had built some Mangel Department Stores - his brother Phil's father-in-law partner in Mangel's and in charge of construction got Evan job at Paramount met Isaac Ross, master carpenter and cabinetmaker at Paramount.

Traveled as crew on SS Philadelphia to Europe.

With three friends in Rome, 1922, Evan is second from right
Made Vice-President of Paramount Contracting.
Fitzgerald publishes The Great Gatsby.

Left Paramount with Ross formed Ross Frankel, Incorporated, designers of "distinctive interiors and unusual fronts" for stores and offices. office on 40th street Manhattan.
Ross Frankel opened factory at 402 W 27th Street; Morris Lapidus, architect, joined firm designed "arcade storefront".

The young president of Ross Frankel, Inc.
Late 1927
Moved to Briarcliff Lodge, Westchester, worked as waltzer with female guests.
'Imagine! I was riding a horse. I was a gentleman!' At Briarcliff Lodge, Westchester County, New York
Late 1920s
Moved to 10 W 73rd Street bachelor quarter's with glass ceiling in bathroom, steam box, massage table and reducing machine! Continued to frequent Briarcliff Lodge bought Packard convertible dated Lael Tucker Wertenbaker, playwright.

The 'mile-long' right-hand-drive Packard, with Emerson and Chou Chou Thors in the ruble seat
Great Depression.

January 12
Long term lease agreements between Ross Frankel and retail chains held!

Moved to penthouse, 5 Riverside Drive.
FDR candidate for President; unemployment 24%, car sales down 80% since 1929; Paul Muni (nee Meshulam Meyer Weisenfreund) starred in I Am Fugitive from a Chain Gang.

Evan traveled to Europe - Cannes, Paris, Salzburg to Munich, where he met Adolph Hitler, who had just become Chancellor. Then went on to Budapest and Vienna (introduced to Jacob Rothschild) - on to Venice (swam on the Lido), to Genoa and home - didn't fulfill his lifelong dream of attending Magdalen College at Oxford.
Repeal of Prohibition.

Met Bill Cleland, president of Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, and won contract awarded by Sam Bronfman to design and build offices for Seagram's on 2 floors of Chrysler Building.

With Bill Cleland (on Evan's left), president of the Joseph E. Seagram Company
Ross Frankel began to acquire "hazards" ; mortgages on depressed real estate.

Ross Frankel building offices and stores for Seagram's, Bulova Watch and Doubleday Bookstores Company prided itself on reputation for excellence and on-time delivery.
Learned first real estate lesson: smartest business people taking out long-term leases while prices were still at Depression lows!
Abish Frankel died.

The Frankel boys: (back row, left to right) Phil, Irving, Mayer, Dave, (front row) Aaron, father Abish, Evan
Met and courted Lucille Ball (rode together at Arrowhead Springs in California).

Romancing Lucille Ball at Arrowhead Springs Hotel
NY World's Fair opens; $.75 admission; $.05 subway.

Ross Frankel designed Distilled Spirits Exhibit building for New York World Fair.

The Distilled Spirits Industry Exhibit building with its fifty-foot marquee, 1939 World Fair
Late 1930s
Spent time in Woodstock, NY, then a well established artists compound for past 30 years. Met sculptors, Raoul Hague and Harvey Fite. Contemplated purchasing land in Woodstock.

In Woodstock: (left to right) John Small, Emerson Thors, Herman Neumann, Evan, flanked by the sons of John and Emerson, and Harvey Fite
Early 1940s

Ross Frankel bought blockfront on 6th Ave. between 53/54th streets.

Ross Frankel awarded contract to build wooden towers located on South Shore of Long Island to house radar for early warning systems.

Atop the all-wood radar platform for costal defence at the beach in Montauk
Jacob Schiff founded Adas Israel, synagogue in Sag Harbor.

Since he was heavily-engaged in doing defense work, Evan was exempted from military service.

Met Peggy Goldsmith ("Aunt Peggy"), picture editor at Time-Life and escorted her to many of the Broadway shows in which he had invested.

At the Stork Club with Peggy Goldsmith, 1944

Morris Lapidus left firm to go alone! Ed Kimmel hired as attorney, who encouraged real estate transactions

Visited the McCord house in East Hampton, 150 Hither Lane

In East Hampton with (left to right) John and Amy Small, and Chou Chou Thors
Sold 6th Ave property at sizable profit; created KFJ Ventures with Ed Kimmel and George Jaffen. Evan boasted making first $1.0 million in real estate profits.
Bought house and 15 acres at 150 Hither for either $21k or $25k! Newmann helped to create home to be visually aesthetic from inside to outside

(above) The McCord estate on Hither Lane at the time of purchase by Evan in 1946
(below) Only months later, the fomer carriage house refurbished
Evan backs Brigadoon on Broadway.
Bought 150 acres in East Hampton.
Evan backs Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Carol Channing.

Isaac Ross retires - Ross Frankel liquidates.

Met Sarah Churchill and Margaret Truman.

Worked with Walter Lowendah and Gian-Carlo Menotti in Rome on The Medium starring Ana Marie Alberghetti. Befriended Peter Ustinov. Attended premiere with Churchill and Truman.

Bought add'l 150 acres at between $50-$200/acre.
Arriving at the Sutton Place Theater with Sarah Churchill and Margaret Truman for the New York premiere of The Medium
Co-produced Gramercy Ghost, starring Sarah Churchill.
Backer of Billy Budd.
Appointed to first Planning Board in East Hampton.
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth - Evan attends as guest of Sarah Churchill.
Purchased commercial property on Newtown Lane, East Hampton: Odd Fellows Hall (turned into an art gallery;
a former post office launched as a revival movie house;
an old garage. Held properties for 20 years as a steward to enrich the town.
Erected Executive House, apartment building 225 East 46th Street; lobby dedicated as an art gallery.

Backer of Most Happy Fella.
Backer of Music Man.
Asked to help build synagogue in East Hampton Jacob Kaplan and Evan bought Borden estate for Jewish Center of the Hamptons.
Late 1950s
Donated parcel of land on 57th Street to Federation of Jewish Philanthropies.
As member of the East Hampton Village Planning Board suggested to create an Architectural Board of Review.

Traveled extensively through Thailand, Jamaica, Rome, Florence, Geneva, St. Moritz, Dublin accumulating sculptures for property in East Hampton.

Bought 23 acre parcel which had once been the East Hampton Riding Club and turned the stables and barns into a commercial site which Sterns Dept. Store rented for many years preserving the integrity of the area coupled with needed retail.

At the Taj Mahal, 1968
Separated business relationship with Kimmel with Kimmel getting Evan's share of Executive House in exchange for Kimmel's share of partnership properties in East Hampton resulting in sole ownership of over 600 acres in East Hampton.
Jewish Center of the Hamptons membership = 35 families.
Elected Life Trustee of Jewish Center of the Hamptons.
Accumulated about 1000 acres in East Hampton of which 600 remained farmland.

Lady Bird Johnson invited Evan to ceremony at White House Rose Garden re beautification of the environment.

Evan created pact with neighboring land owners to protect double dunes between Indian Wells Highway and Maidstone Club, East Hampton.
Not reappointed to Village Planning Board as he had become very contentious about growth and direction of development of town.
East Hampton had second highest growth rate on Long Island.

Group for the South Fork formed to voice concern over planning and land use.
Joined Advisory Board to work on fund-raising for addition to East Hampton Library.
Gave up apartment at 5 Riverside Drive.
Initial plans for Jewish Center of the Hamptons sanctuary drawn up.
Evan assumed Presidency of Jewish Center of the Hamptons.

JCOH membership = 130 families
Evan elected to Board of Trustees Southampton Hospital.
Donated 100 acres in Woodstock, NY to Opus 40 Foundation in memory of John Small.
Became member of the Guild Hall board of trustees.

Symbolic groundbreaking at JCOH with NY State Attorney General Robert Abrams speaker
Town Board got rid of Planning Department (research arm of Planning Board).

Received honorary Doctorate from Southampton College of LIU.
Recruited architect Norman Jaffee pro-bono to design new sanctuary for Jewish Center of the Hamptons.

145 applications filed in EH for new residential subdivisions or commercial construction.

Spear-headed dissension over 7-Eleven 24-hour store in East Hampton.

Upzoning and controlled growth initiatives were election platform winners!

One of Evan's 'eloquent outrages.' Protesting the introduction of convenience stores to East Hampton, 1983
Final plan submitted by Jaffee for sanctuary inspired by destroyed synagogues in Eastern Europe.

"Evan Frankel was the most difficult client I have ever had, but the result is the very best building I have ever done." - Norman Jaffe
Jewish Center of the Hamptons membership = 300 families.
Dedication celebration at Jewish Center of the Hamptons with AG Abrams.

Evan resigned as President Jewish Center of the Hamptons - became Chairman of Board.

'at the bemah, the reader's platform: 'And now our president, Evan Frankel, has a few words for us'

Evan Frankel died.

In Bermuda with Emerson